I am a software engineer based in Cairo, Egypt. I have been programming since the day I was a little 13-year-old boy, always keen on learning about all what's new in that field every day and I've been gaining more excitement for it day after another since then.

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Honoured to have worked on
  1. FalixNodes (2018 - 2020)

    Co-Founder & Full Stack Web Developer

    A now-leading free game server hosting company. (still operating)

  2. dublex.io (2020)

    Founder & Backend Developer

    A web hosting provider with a generous free tier (shutdown)

  3. Hokus.me (2021 - 2022)

    Founder & Lead Backend Developer

    A free Minecraft server hosting provider (shutdown)

and i forgot the rest 😍

Feel free to check my GitHub profile out!

Skills / Tech Stacks
  1. System Administration (Linux/Windows Server)

    Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora/RHEL, Virtualization (KVM/OpenVZ), Docker/Podman/LXC, Networking, Firewalls, Disaster data backups & restoration, Systems performance optimization & load-balancing techniques

  2. Databases

    MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL

  3. Security & Anti-Botting Systems Development

    Predict what an attacker can potentially think of and implement a form of protection against that. Protections against browser & device fingerprint spoofing, residential proxies/VPNs, etc.

  4. Programming languages

    PHP 5/7/8, JavaScript (and its derivatives), Python, Golang (Go), Java, C#, SQL

  5. VCS

    Git, Git and Git

  6. IDEs

    Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, PhpStorm

  7. Game Dev. & 3D Modelling

    Godot 4 Engine, Blender

  8. Other skills

    Compile-in-mind, searching & analyzing, Rest APIs & payment systems integration, WebSockets/Socket.io, P2P & decentralized technologies, responsive web development, dealing with the various cloud computing services

I love the world of open source 🫶

Public Services
  1. Free IP lookup API

    A part of my anti-fraud API tools, this one shows basic information about an IP address.

  3. Free e-mail validation API

    Likewise, this can be useful to validate any e-mail address inputs in your system before storing them.


Please use the services listed above fairly

What's beside programming, there is life.

What's life about, and what am I aiming for

My love for music & interest in hearing notes

Often wish I had the gift of perfect pitch, but I never stopped at the point of wishing.
I've always been interested about music and it's theories, always trying to notice how amazing a note can be and how music in general can affect our feelings.
I am currently trying to learn a few instruments, and dreaming to develop some sort of relative pitch to hopefully make up for the perfect pitch that I've never naturally had.

World Traveller

Despite how hard it may sound, I want to travel a big part of the world whenever possible.
There's a lot of destinations on the mind, and I am hoping to make it one day.

🌿 I like it more when it's tranquil

Just one more way to keep it peaceful and focus on the things that I enjoy.

I am a night person, and an opacarophile

Whether it's watching the sun set, or enjoying the night skies full of their stars and their different phenomena, those never fail to make me appreciate the beautiful bits of life.